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Scan to email problems with Office365

Having problems with you scan to email setup to Office365 with Sharp Printers?  Let us try and help you with these troubleshooting steps.

scan to email problems with office365

Troubleshooting scan to Email problems with Office365 and Sharp MFPs

Office365 scan setup Troubleshooting

Has your Sharp MFP suddenly stopped scanning to Office365?  Check these simple tips to see whether you can get it going again.

If you need a firmware upgrade check out our service below.

Step 1 - Angled brackets <>

In the SMTP setup you need to specify the Office365 smtp server and the “reply to” email address.

If you simply put angled brackets around your email address, Office365 stops recognising your scans as spam.

e.g.  <>

Step 2 - Default sender email same as reply-To" SMTP address

On the Sharp MFP web browser navigate to System Settings>Image Send Settings>Scan Settings Default Sender and make sure the “reply to” email address is the same as the SMTP setup page.

Step 3 - Set Security Level to Medium

On the Sharp MFP web browser navigate to Security Settings>SSL Settings> Level of Encryption and  and make sure it is set to “middle”.

This turns on TLS 1.20 encryption if your firmware is up to date.

Tried the above steps and your Sharp MFP is still not scanning?

Firmware Update Required?

If the above simple troubleshooting steps above have not got your scanning working then you may need to upgrade your firmware

Remote Firmware update Service

Older Sharp models may have firmware that was only compatible with TLS1.0 or TLS1.2.

In 2022 Microsoft Office365 needs scanners to be SSL TLS 1.2 compatible.

If you suspect a firmware upgrade is required we can provide this remote service for £75.00 + VAT.

If you would like to explore this service please ping us an email

Setting up scan to Email | Folder - Troubleshooting

Office365 scan setup Microsoft Resources

Setting up scan to Office365 can need some permissions set by the administrator of Office365 to allow the Sharp device to scan.

Here are a couple of useful links to Microsoft regarding the different methods of connecting your scanner.  If the Sharp documentation is not successful, please consult the Microsoft links below for further guidance.

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