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Sharp MX61GTYA High Capacity toner Yellow


This is the HIGH CAPACITY (20k prints at 5%) Yellow Toner Cartridge that fits the CR4.0 and CR4.5 series of Sharp A3 business copiers.

This Toner cartridge fits the following models :

MX-2651, MX-3050, MX3051, MX-3060, MX-3061, MX-3070, MX-3071, MX-3550, MX-3551, MX-3560, MX-3561, MX-3570, MX-3571, MX-4050, MX-4051, MX-4060, MX-4061, MX-4070, MX-4071, MX-5050, MX-5051, MX-5070, MX-5071, MX-6050, MX-6051, MX-6070, MX-6071

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