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Sharp HEPA filter air purifier Plasmacluster 25000 (KIL60)- for rooms up to 50m2

Keep your interior space’s atmosphere fresh and clean with the Sharp KIL60 HEPA filter Air Purifier. Ideal for rooms up to 50m2 in area. It is ideally suited for business offices and classrooms where previously you would have installed multiple units to be as effective.

The Plasmacluster® 25000 series is over 3 times more powerful than the 7000 series releasing 25000 ions per cm3 into your workspace – neutralising more airbourne particulates than ever.

Plasmacluster® Ion Technology emits positive and negative ions:- killing bacteria, viruses, allergens, moulds, removing odours and static electricity whilst improving skin moisture.

Take a look at the Sharp KIL80 Air Purifier brochure here Download KIL60 Brochure

  • Plasmacluster® Ion Technology, 25000 Series (Ion density: 25000/cm3)
  • Recommended for Medium-Sized Rooms up to 50m2
  • True HEPA Filter Captures 99.97% of Particles from the Air that Pass Through the Filter 0.3 Microns and Larger
  • Activated Carbon Filter Designed to Help Reduce Some Common Odours
  • Auto Mode Monitors Air Quality and Adjusts Air Purification and Humidity Levels
  • Max, Med, Low Fan Speeds, Plus Pollen, Quick Clean and Auto
  • 4 Sensors: Dust / Odour / Humidity / Temperature
  • Air Flow (m³/h) 90 – 408
  • Timer Function
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Air quality indicator
  • HEPA filter
  • Deodorization filter
  • Pre filter
  • Net Size (W x H x D in mm) 400 x 686 x 339
  • Gross Weight (kg) 10.8
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  • Click Here to Purchase Additional Carbon Filter
  • Click Here to Purchase Additional Humidifying Filter 

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Sharp True HEPA filter air purifier Plasmacluster 25000 – for rooms up to 50m2

Plasmacluster Hepa filter Air Purifier – Sharp’s range of air purification and humidification devices create Plasmacluster Ions which are attracted to airborne particles. The particles are then broken down by removing surface proteins, the tiny particles stick together and are drawn into Plasmacluster’s triple filtration system. The filtration system clears any impurities and releases clean water molecules back into the air. The device continues to monitor air quality with its built-in sensors, which can be adjusted to be more or less sensitive.

Julian Hodges, Group Manager – Product Marketing at Sharp UK said: “The pandemic has brought a gauntlet of challenges for business and education leaders and a new threat landscape to company wellbeing. Now that the health risks are better understood, the expectation from employees is for their environments to be as COVID-safe as possible. At Sharp, we aim to provide organisations with the tools to create a safe workplace, and these new solutions are core to that mission.”

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