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Sharp A3 printer paper tray options

Sharp A3 business copiers unless specified will need a base unit for the copier to stand on.  The copier has 1 tray built in as standard (plus a 100 sheet bypass tray) but in order to increase the paper capacity you will need additional tray options.

We offer the full range of base units.  However, the most common option is the BPDE12 base unit that effectively gives the users 2 trays and a bypass tray.  For most small offices this is sufficient, normally being configured as 1 A4 tray and 1 A3 tray with the bypass used for labels and letterheads occasionally.

In busier offices we sell more BPDE14 base units than anything else. This gives users 4 trays in total plus the bypass tray.  We normally find 2 trays set for A4 (giving 1000 A4 plain paper capacity), 1 tray for letterhead and 1 tray for A3.  We rarely sell the BPDE13.

In high volume printing areas we do sell the BPDE15 which gives a lot of A4 paper capacity (1500 sheets) plus another 2 trays (generally for A3 and A4 Letterhead).  This paper drawer option effectively replaces the high capacity tray BPLC10 which again is rarely sold but is available for high volume applications.

All the standard drawers will take up to 500 sheets of A3 paper.  Each device | drawer is fully customisable for paper type | paper size

Output | Stapling Options for A3 devices

Sharp A3 business copiers come configured with a TU10 simple output tray as standard.  For the majority of offices this normally will be sufficient.

However, if stapling is required, the inner stapler unit – the BPFN11 is by far the most common finisher that we supply, given it’s cost effectiveness. This offers cross corner stapling in both portrait and landscape orientation, as well as the option to put 2 staples down the left hand side (binding edge) of a document. A nice little touch is the offline stapler on the unit that allows you to re staple the originals.

Of the stand alone finishers on offer, the most commonly sold is the BPFN13 booklet making stapler unit.  This is great for making short runs of A5 or A4 stapled and folded pamphlets – a real time saver for newsletter production.

The other finishers BPFN14, BPFN15 and BPFN16 are rarely sold, but are great in higher volume output situations.

Sharp BP-60C31 A3 Printer | Scanner

The Sharp BP-60C31 A3 printer scanner delivers centralised copy, network printing and network scanning – operating at 31 pages per minute, offering your office the perfect document centre.

The BP-60C31 offers WiFi and Postscript printing as standard (essential for Airprint and printing from Macs) together with scanning to OCR (optical character recognition) and the Sharp Open interface connector for connection to external account management and follow me printing platforms as well as Sharepoint.  If this functionality is required, the BP60C31 offers better value than the BP50C26 slower model as the cost of the additional modules on the latter machine work out more expensive.

Take a look at the Sharp BP-60C31  brochure here Download BP-60C31 Brochure

  • Key features

    • Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File
    • Pages per minute: 31 B/W 31 Colour
    • Paper capacity: Std 650 Max 6,300 sheets
    • Seamless integration and connection to cloud based business process applications
    • Hardware and solutions platform that supports the hybrid working environment
    • Built-in Microsoft® Teams connector strengthens collaboration by enabling direct and secure access for printing from or scanning to your Microsoft® Teams channel
    • Industry leading system and data protection features including BIOS based security, anti-malware (optional) and standard Trusted Platform Module ensure that confidential data is kept secure
    • Interact with the MFP directly from your mobile device via WiFi, AirPrint, Bluetooth, NFC and QR Code

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Paper Trays

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Additional Options

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Service and Maintenance Contract

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    Service contract includes all maintenance visits, toner, parts and labour serviced by Sharp Direct to the manufacturers preventative maintenance schedule. Paper is not included.

    PLEASE NOTE - If you do not want a service contract on this machine, we will have to charge for the first set of toner that gets delivered with the machine - this will add £448.98 to the initial price.

Leasing Options

  • Do you wish to lease your device and if so over what term contract? *

    Please note: YOU WILL NEED CREATE AN ACCOUNT TO BE ABLE TO VIEW OUR LEASING OPTIONS - PLEASE CLICK ON THE RED CREATE ACCOUNT BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. In selecting a leasing option you are authorising our finance leasing house (Tower Leasing Ltd) to perform detailed credit checks on your company. The leasing rate may vary depending on your credit score and this amount is subject to acceptance. Please note that there is a leasing arrangement fee of £150 which becomes payable on delivery.

  • Monthly Leasing Cost over 36 months *

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Sharp BP-60C31 A3 Printer | Scanner

Effortless Connectivity
The built-in Microsoft® Teams connector strengthens teamwork and collaboration by providing direct and secure access for printing to or scanning from Microsoft® Teams channels, all from the MFP. The Synappx Go mobile app also enables contactless and remote printing, aligning print capabilities with the new demands of hybrid working. With single sign-on, users can seamlessly connect their mobile devices via WiFi, AirPrint, Bluetooth, NFC or QR code to enterprise workflows and print capabilities – from wherever they are working.

Effortless Security
The built-in Microsoft® Teams connector strengthens teamwork and collaboration by providing direct and secure access for printing to or scanning from Microsoft® Teams channels, all from the MFP. The Synappx Go*1 mobile app also enables contactless and remote printing, aligning print capabilities with the new demands of hybrid working. With single sign-on, users can seamlessly connect their mobile devices via Bluetooth, QR code or optional WiFi and AirPrint, to enterprise workflows and print capabilities – from wherever they are working. *1- Requires additional NFC reader

Effortless Operation
Communication lamps provide users with an at-a-glance status view of the MFP’s status. Intuitive icons on the new 10.1” tiltable colour LCD operation panel make it easy to access and all of the productivity enhancing functions using smartphone style touch capability.

Effortless Productivity
The BP-60C31 can print and copy at speeds of up to 31 ppm in colour and black & white and you can replace toner and paper without pausing the print or copy job, so your productivity won’t miss a beat.

The built-in Reversing Single Pass Feeder can scan two-sided documents at speeds of up to 80 ipm in batches of up to 100 sheets for completing large jobs with ease and efficiency. The BP-60C31 also uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to determine the optimal resolution, gradation and compression rates for all scan jobs.

The standard Print Release function allows users to securely release their print jobs from the most conveniently located MFP from up to 100 connected network-ready devices, and a variety of extensive finishing options including a folding unit, saddle stitching, manual and stapleless stapling add further versatility and bring more flexibility to your output.

The Sharp Application Portal facilitates remote firmware and application updates which ensures that the MFP is always kept up-to-date and compliant.

Effortless Sustainability
Superior environmental performance delivers lower power consumption and a low TEC value and ensures that the BP-60C31 complies with energy consumption regulations. A comprehensive range of eco-focused functions including eco-scan together with a rapid warm up time all help to save money and support environmental objectives.

The principles of the circular economy have been applied to the production of the BP-60C31 to minimise its carbon footprint and to maximise the recyclability of all components by eliminating harmful materials in operational processes and extending the life of key component parts to reduce the number of service visits.

The Sharp BP-60C31 A3 printer full colour device offers a range of options and upgrades making it adaptable to your future needs. They optimise productivity and are ideal for any busy workgroup that needs high performance, high quality colour and versatility.

Support for a secondary LAN (optional) provides simultaneous support for two networks whilst the Print Release function allows users to send and store documents to a main MFP, which acts as a server, allowing print jobs to be securely released at up to five connected network-ready devices. Optional workflow enhancing features include Single Sign-On cloud connectivity, mobile connectivity via Wi-Fi and USB direct printing of MS Office files.

A tiltable 10.1” colour LCD touchscreen provides the ability to drag and drop frequently used icons for simple customisation of the home screen and communication lamps that show the MFP’s status. Everyday operation is simple and intuitive; just touch, tap, pinch and spread or swipe for instant access to every feature, function and setting including an advanced preview feature.

Print and copy speeds of up to 31 ppm in colour and black & white, a built-in 100-sheet RSPF Feeder and a scan speed of up to 50 ipm all help to boost efficiency and productivity; while 600 x 600 dpi print resolution, our auto process control and developer refresh system ensure consistently high image quality. A maximum paper capacity of 6,300 sheets and support for a wide range of media (up to SRA3 and 300 gsm) enables this device to handle varied output requirements with ease. And a selection variety of finishing options such as saddle stitching, manual and stapleless stapling add further versatility. A range of robust security features keep your data and network safe including access control, data encryption and S/MIME as well as a self-healing firmware system, SSL certificate validation and a programme execution white list.

The Sharp BP60C31 Photocopier uses Sharp’s latest energy-saving technology. A rapid warm up time, low power consumption and low TEC value all aim to save money and support your environmental objectives. In addition, the automatic toner cartridge eject function ensures all toner has been consumed, thereby saving resources.

For more details on the Sharp BP-60C31 Photocopier click here


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