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Odour Filter UZ-HD6DF


This is the Sharp UZ-HD6DF Carbon Odour Filter replacement cartridge

Fits models: HD40, HD50, KIN40,

The odour filter eliminates unpleasant odours, including tobacco smoke. Sufficient for up to 10 years (depends on use). Product dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 398 x 10 mm. Product weight: 0.26 kg.

SHARP is an industry leader in air purification and the UZ-HD6DF Air Purifier Carbon Odour Filter is designed to fit SHARP Air Purifier models UA-HD40/HD50/KIN40. The spare Odour air purifier filter is part of SHARP’s triple filter system, helping to remove larger particles, such as dust, pollen, pet hair, mould and allergens, from the air you breathe. It’s ideal for asthma sufferers and those with hay fever or allergies. Filter life is dependent on usage time and conditions but can last up to 10 years. The benefits of purified air include a reduction in airborne allergens, the elimination of unpleasant odours and less dust – meaning less cleaning.

  • Replacement filter for your SHARP air purifier: Designed to be compatible with SHARP models UA-HD40 / HD50 / KIN40
  • Deodorizing Filter: Absorbs cigarette smoke, food & pet smells & other unpleasant household odours
  • Effective clean air filtration system: Part of the 3 step filter for removing larger particles, such as allergens, dust & pollen from the air
  • Ideal for improving air quality in the home or office: Washable & long lasting. Can be used in any room in the house, or at work
  • Long lasting: Service life of up to 10 years, depending on intensity of use

(How to change your UZ-HD4HF Air Purifier Replacement HEPA Filter:

• Remove the air purifier’s back panel. Gently push down on the tabs, then tilt and remove

• Remove the old HEPA filter and replace with the new filter (please ensure you fit the filter in the correct orientation to ensure optimum performance)

• Gently push in the upper tabs (left and right) to lock in place)


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