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90 million worldwide products already distributed

Sharp HEPA filter
Air Purifier Range

Sharp Electronics is a world leader in air purification technology. With over 90 million air purifiers already in service we have the range to keep your customers, employees and school pupils supplied with clean air.

Sharp HD50 Hepa Filter Air Purifier Room

Sharp HEPA filter Air Purifiers

Ultimate Air KIL Series

With the new Sharp UA-KIL60E-W and UA-KIL80E-W air purifiers you can ensure proper air quality, optimal humidity and remove almost all pollutants. They are the perfect choice not only for persons suffering from allergies and upper respiratory tract diseases.

Sharp Air Purifiers

Can Air Purifiers help the battle Against Viruses?

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to this interview on Times Radio 4/1/22 with broadcaster Aasmah Mir and her guest Christina Pagel CORU’s Director, Professor of Operational Research at University College London.

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