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How to set up scan to email on A sharp Printer

So, no-one faxes any more, right?  Setting up your Sharp multifunction printer to scan to email or to a network folder is normally a priority.  Here’s how to do it.

Setting up scan to Email | Folder

Setting up scan to email on a Sharp MX multifunction Printer

Simply view the pdf bulletin from Sharp on how to setup scan to email on your Sharp MX device here.  

Download the service bulletin from Sharp that details how to set up scan to email on your Sharp printer including Gmail, Office365 and scan to folder for the following models :

Sharp MX-2651, Sharp MX-3051, Sharp MX-3061, Sharp MX-3071, Sharp MX-3551, Sharp MX-3561, Sharp MX-3571, Sharp MX-4051, Sharp MX-4061, Sharp MX-4071,Sharp MX-C303W, Sharp MX-C304W

Please note the change in Google | Gmail setup from June 2022 using “sign in with App password” requiring firmware updates on these devices.

Sharp MX-3061 stapler
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Video Tutorial

Video | How to setup Scan to office 365 on a Sharp MFP printer

This video from our friends at Skelton Business Equipment shows you how to setup scan to office365 on a Sharp MX printer.  Ensure your sender address matches your SMTP authentication address and if you have any issues enclose the sender address with angled brackets e.g. <>

Setting up scan to Email | Folder - Troubleshooting

Office365 scan setup Troubleshooting

Setting up scan to Office365 can need some permissions set by the administrator of Office365 to allow the Sharp device to scan.

Here are a couple of useful links to Microsoft regarding the different methods of connecting your scanner.  If the Sharp documentation is not successful, please consult the Microsoft links below for further guidance.

Sharp MX-3061 stapler

Setting up scan to Email | Folder - Troubleshooting

Gmail scan setup Troubleshooting

From June 2022 Gmail needs “sign in with App password” to be allowed to connect to allow the Sharp device to scan.

From June 2022 Google has stopped the “allow less secure apps” to be turned on. This has been replaced by the more secure “Sign in with App Passwords” which requires the generation of a uniquely generated passcode to allow the Sharp MFP to scan using a Gmail account.

In addition, the current range of copiers will need the latest firmware to allow this sign on to work.

Unfortunately, older models will no longer be able to scan to gmail – you will need a less secure scan to email address via your own ISP running on port 25.

If you have the latest firmware then generate your passcode using the link below

Sharp MX-3061 stapler